Your clients want custom painted designs.
You’re not a painter.

You know the trends, and watercolor is totally in right now. You’ve had clients ask for everything from watercolor florals, logos, and hand-painted lettering, to a wedding invitation with a custom painting of their dog wearing a tux.

And it’s all awesome, but you are a digital artist. You work with pixels and PNGs, not paint and paper.

You’ve used a few of those clip-art sets from Creative Market. They’re nice, but you’d love to attract and book those clients that require something special, something painted just for them.

That’s where I can help.

I’m Ashleigh, and I’m a fine artist trained in watercolor, acrylics, pen and ink drawing, and brush lettering. I earned my bachelors degree in studio art, worked as a graphic designer, and then started my own stationery and fine art business. I’ve been painting professionally for eight years and I specialize in custom work and licensing for the wedding industry. My art has been featured by the TODAY Show, MunaLuchi Bride, The Perfect Palette, Carats & Cake, and more (Click here to see my press page ->)

So what do you get when you commission work from me?

  • Custom-created artwork made to your client’s specifications, and based on their inspiration images.
  • A unique, realistic style that’s hard to find in a market saturated with self-taught painters.
  • High-quality digital files formatted to your printing specifications.
  • Licensing that’s event-inclusive—pay one for a file that you can use throughout that client’s entire project.

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What types of art can I create?

I’m open to all types of creative projects, but here’s a few that I get frequent requests for:

Commissions | Venue Paintings, Pet Portraits, Home Portraits, Landscapes, Art painted from a photograph

Commissioned paintings are created from reference photos provided by the client. The final painting closely represents the reference file, particularly framing and perspective. Sketches are sent before painting to confirm the composition before finalizing the art.

starting at $120 for 5×7 original
starting at
$185 for 8×10 original
includes digital file + single event license

Original Illustrations | Artwork for Ketubahs, Custom Marriage Licenses, Detailed Florals

Original illustrations are created from conceptual ideas provided by the client. An overall reference photo is not available, though reference photos for specific areas or details may be provided. The composition of the final piece is original. Sketches will be more detailed to work out the overall design before finalizing the artwork.

starting at $250
includes digital file + single event license

Custom Maps | Wedding Stationery, Retreats and Conferences, Commemorative Art

The basic custom map includes a painted background and unlimited roads, map markers, and text elements. Custom maps can be completely customized with as many or as few painted elements as you choose. Custom maps always include the digital file, but no original.

starting at $240
+$60 for each location painting
includes digital file + single event license

Heraldry | Crests, Detailed Monograms & Duograms

Include custom shapes, custom lettering, florals, and custom details. All heraldry commissions include the digital file, but no original.

starting at $220
includes digital file + single event license

Couple’s Names

Starting pricing is for first names only. Choose the word “and”, an ampersand, or neither.

starting at $60
digital file included

Invitation Catchwords

Dress up invitations by using watercolor hand lettering for headings. Examples of catchwords are: “the wedding of,” “please reply,” “details.” Spot artwork has a maximum print size of 4 by 6 inches.

starting at $30
digital file included

Signature Drink Artwork

Signature drink artwork is typically used for bar signage at the reception.

starting at $60
digital file included

Spot Artwork | Watercolor Icons

Simple icons without much detail, like a pair of shoes, music notes, or airplane, usually used for a timeline on a details card or as a map marker. If you’re unsure what qualifies as spot artwork, please inquire at Spot artwork includes the digital file, but no original. Spot artwork has a maximum print size of 4 by 6 inches.

starting at $30
digital file included

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Still got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does custom work take? Most projects take 2-3 weeks to go from concept to finished file. Custom maps and crests take 3-4 weeks due to their complexity. Projects may take longer during wedding and Christmas season due to high volume.

Can I get the original to give to my client? Yep! I only charge shipping (vis UPS unless otherwise requested) to have the original sent to you.

What do you do with the art if I don’t get the original? I mat it, frame it, and sell it at art markets.

Will you relicense artwork to other people? Yes, I may relicense any artwork unless the client chooses to purchase an exclusive license, in which case I will never resell the art. I always retain the original copyright and even with the exclusive license, my artwork cannot be resold by any third party.

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