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Hey there!

I’m Ashleigh, an independent professional watercolor artist, an avid paper lover, and I’m the Chief Creative Officer of CharmCat! I use my artistic skills and weird sense of humor to create beautiful, fun products that inspire, excite and connect (no matter the distance!).

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Making Pretty Paper Things for Pretty Funny People™

Paper goods your customers will love

Now, more than ever, your customers are desperate to stay connected in a real, tangible way. Greeting cards and paper goods remains one of the best ways to forge a true personal connection over long distances in ways that email and Facebook just can’t. No one’s ever printed out a Facebook post and stuck it on their fridge.

The millennial generation, after growing up immersed in the technology, is swinging the pendulum back to authentic paper goods. The stationery industry grew last year, showing there’s a true demand for greeting cards.

But don’t take my word for it…

— Britney

CharmCat at a Glance

A lovingly developed stationery line with new releases three times a year

All original artwork with a distinct watercolor style from a single artist

Eco-conscious product and packaging options

Designed, painted, printed, and packaged in the USA

10% of CharmCat profits are donated to charity

Request a physical catalog and sample products by emailing wholesale@charmcat.net!

CharmCat is a watercolor stationery company that creates pretty paper things for pretty funny people™! I love to create designs that catch the eye with fine detail and bright colors, and then catch the heart with my snarky, modern sense of humor.

Your customers don’t want cliché greeting cards. They want cards that are silly, irreverent, and most importantly, relevant. As a small creator, I put out new cards and designs regularly that are inspired by the events around me. Whether it’s coronavirus, gay rights, or the sudden popularity of being a nerd, my catalog stays current.

But what really sets my line apart visually is the attention to the artwork. There are no loose florals or washed out colors here. Every original design is created in real watercolor, with excruciating detail, then digitized and reprinted with perfect clarity and vivid color.

In addition to a line of greeting cards, fine art prints, and boxed cards, CharmCat takes on commissions and custom orders to help you meet the needs of your customers.

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To request a paper catalog, please email wholesale [at] charmcat.net.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email wholesale [at] charmcat.net!

Whoops! You’re not a registered wholesale customer so you can’t place a wholesale order… Back to the shop >

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