Custom Color Options

Customize your invitation by selecting custom ink options. Use the filters to find your perfect color scheme. Most ink colors can be paired with a matching envelope.

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*Any color from a digital file (jpg, pdf, eps) can be matched on request. It's not recommended that you send photos, as the color may not be accurate or true to life.

*Printed colors may vary from the digital representation due to differences in ink rendering and screen calibration. In some cases, your design may print very differently from what you expected. If a perfect match is important to you, it's recommended that you order a physical proof in order to see the true color.

Ideas for Picking Your Colors

  • You can choose as many or as few as you’d like. You aren’t restricted to the number of colors in the sample design.
  • Your background doesn’t have to be white! Choose a dark color for your background and a pale color for your fonts.
  • You should have at least one contrasting color in your design so that the text is easily readable.
  • Designs in the Watercolor Collection can be color-customized, but an additional fee applies (for the artwork only; font color changes are included).
  • A few different kinds of schemes include:
    • Monochromatic (all shades of one hue, such as light blue, cerulean, and navy blue)
    • Complementary (opposites, like blue and orange)
    • Analogous (colors that are similar to each other; for instance, aqua, teal, blue, and violet)
  • Find your inspiration in a fabric, outfit, jewelry item, painting, season, holiday, etc... The possibilities are endless.

Can't decide? You can contact me for ideas!

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