How to Submit Details for Your Custom Map

Creating your map with Google Maps

While there are different ways to submit your map, I find the easiest site to use is Google Maps. You’ll need a Google account to use this feature.

  1. Go to Create a new map. You can click on the map title to change its name.
  2. Type the address of your destination into the search bar and hit Enter. The Maps creator will add a green marker to your map.
  3. Click the green marker. On the pop-up window for the marker, click the “Add to map” link and add a title. The destination will now show up in the list on the left of your screen.
  4. If your map will include multiple destinations, you can repeat the process to add more markers.
  5. Once you’re done, click on “Share” in the upper right-hand corner. Under “Who has access,” change it to “Anyone with the link.”
  6. Copy and paste the share URL into your order information.

Customize your map design

You can customize your map in order to build the design that best matches your needs. Pick your colors, fonts, design, and extra elements as needed and include the information with your order.

Customize colors and fonts

Read through my available custom colors and fonts for wedding invitations. If you want to match an existing invitation, you can contact me to find out about submitting the design.

Customize the layout

Choose a simple map with icons to mark different locations. Or add a highlight along the route from the ceremony to the reception. Show even more detail by adding an inset map that zooms in close around an area. (An inset map is available for an additional fee. Contact me for more details.)

Custom watercolor map for weddings, events or wall decor

Basic Map

Help guests who aren’t familiar with the area find their way around. Use a Basic Map with generalized directions, so you can help guests navigate “From the North” or “From Route 50.” You can choose to have your map show a large area, or zoom in close to show the immediate area.

Route Map

If you need to show a specific route, such as the best way to get from the ceremony to the reception, go with a Route Map. You can even show a route that has multiple “stops” if you have more than one destination in mind, such as from the ceremony to the reception to the hotel.

Custom basic illustrated map for wedding directions

Map with Inset

Get the most out of your map by including two views to show the most detail. The maps can be either a Basic Map or a Route Map. Show a large area and a detail section, or show two details of different areas.

Choose your icons

You’ll want to choose the type of icon you want to represent the landmarks on your map.

Example Basic Icons (included)

Generic location marker

Hotel marker

Museum or university marker

Parking marker

Airport marker

House marker

I can also include icons for food, sightseeing, or other locations.

Custom illustrations are also available for an additional fee. Contact me for more details.

Place your order

Once you’ve worked out the details, it’s time to order your custom map. When you place your order, you’ll need to include the following information:

  • The link to your Google Map (or other online map)
  • Your directions, written how you want them worded
  • Your customizations: colors, fonts, and any layout details
  • The full address of your ceremony and/or reception as needed. (If it’s not on your invitation, you’ll need it on your directions card!)
  • Any other details you may want to include, such as a link to your wedding website.
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