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Gemstones Wrapping Paper Sheets



This wrapping paper has a fun pattern featuring blue and purple gemstones. Each sheet is 20×29 inches printed on 70lb matte paper. Sheets are shipped rolled in a tube.


20 by 29 inches

Paper Type

Matte White 70lb

Print Type

Digital (Flat)

Made/Printed in

California, USA

Usually ships in

2-3 business days

Note: At this time, CharmCat only ships to North America.

This product is discontinued. This product is no longer being made, and once it’s sold out that’s it!

About this product

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This product is categorized as: Wrapping Paper; and tagged as: blue, gemstones, gift wrap, purple, rolled wrapping paper, winter wrapping paper, wrapping paper, wrapping sheets.

This product’s main colors are: Blue, Purple.

SKU: WP-8019-0

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