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Shop » Pin-Back Buttons » Xe/Xem/Xyr 2 Inch Pin-Back Button — Preferred Pronoun Button

Xe/Xem/Xyr 2 Inch Pin-Back Button — Preferred Pronoun Button

$ 3.50

Easily display your preferred pronouns anywhere with this 2 inch pin-back button! Xe/xem/xyr preferred pronouns.

Pin-back buttons are made with a mylar top layer and a plastic backing with pin.


2 Inch

Made in

the USA

Usually ships in

One business day

SKU AP-205-2P

About this product

This product is categorized as: Pin-Back Buttons; and tagged as: , gender neutral pronouns, lgbtq, pin-back button, preferred pronoun, pronouns, xe/xem/xyr.


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