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You Can Certainly Try Pin


If you know, you know. A pin for the perfect dungeon master.

This pin has watercolor lettering in black reading, “you can certainly try” with two d20s, one reading 1 and one reading 20.

Compostable pin-back buttons are made from corn starch and wood from sustainable forests, and are 100% biodegradable, compostable, and neutral in CO2 emissions. Remove and recycle the metal pin portion before tossing in the compost bin.


2 Inch

Made/Printed in

Virginia, USA

Usually ships in

1-2 business days

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Note: At this time, CharmCat only ships to North America.

About this product

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This product is categorized as: Pin-Back Buttons; and tagged as: biodegradable pin, button badge, compostable pin, critical fail, critical hit, critical miss, d20, dice, dnd, dungeon master, dungeons and dragons, eco-friendly pin, game master, natural 1, natural 20, pin-back button, plastic-free pin.

This product’s main colors are: Gray and Black, Green, Purple.

SKU: PB-313

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