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Swatch Book for Custom Invitations

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Do I want that curly font, or that slightly different curly font?
Light blue or sky blue?
What’s the difference between smooth and felt paper?

Tear your hair out no more! Easily navigate your options with the CharmCat Sample Kit. The Kit includes:

Paper swatch book

The book has samples of every paper finish and thickness available.
Colors printed along the bottom of each sample show how the paper and ink work together. An easy chart shows which sizes are standard. All other sizes can be ordered special.

Color sample card

Picking colors on the computer can be a major challenge. Differences in screen size and brightness skew how colors appear. Besides, colors never print the same way they look on the screen. Eliminate the confusion by putting the colors in your hand. If you’re thinking of ordering a specialty paper, check the paper swatch to see how different inks show up. Don’t forget to check the custom color page for newly-added colors and help creating your color palette.

Font book

Sure, that font looks good on the screen. But how does it print? View over 50 font options in a handy guide. Plus, see which fonts come with options like Bold and Italics.

Also keep in mind, since CharmCat has a font obsession, there may be newer fonts that you can only view on the website, so visit the custom fonts page for all available options.

Ordering guide and contact info

Take the guesswork out of ordering with a step-by-step guide. Still have questions? Flip to the back to find all of my contact info in an easy-to-reach place!

Note: At this time, CharmCat only ships to North America.

CharmCat will not have availability to book new stationery work until June 2024. To be notified when bookings open up again, sign up for my email list. For details visit the blog announcement.
Current clients are all set—your order will be completed as planned!

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