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He/Him Pronoun Sticker


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Easily display your preferred pronouns anywhere with this sticker! He/him preferred pronouns. This sticker measures approximately 3 inches by 3 inches, including the small white border. Stickers are printed on plastic-free, water-resistant matte sticker paper. They hold up well on water bottles, laptops, and other light-duty surfaces. Not dishwasher safe, not UV resistant, and not stain-resistant (looking at you, coffee). But, they won’t break down into microplastics like traditional vinyl stickers. Yay!

Paper Type

Matte Water Resistant


3 Inch

Made/Printed in

the USA

Usually ships in

1-2 business days

Out of stock

Note: At this time, CharmCat only ships to North America.

This product is discontinued. This product is no longer being made, and once it’s sold out that’s it!

About this product

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This product is categorized as: Stickers; and tagged as: discontinued, he him pronouns, laptop decal, laptop sticker, lgbtq, notebook sticker, plastic free sticker, preferred pronoun, pride, water bottle decal, water bottle sticker, y’all means all.

This product’s main colors are: Rainbow.

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