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Mystery Card Grab Bag


This is a mystery bag with 10 different cards in it. You can select whether you’re okay with curse words, but otherwise the contents are a complete surprise! Each pack has an assortment of different sentiments, and no bag has two of the same card.

A sample assortment is shown in the listing images. Cards and envelopes may be damaged, have errors, or be discontinued.

Shown are also samples of damage (a small dark spot on the card) or errors (different paper stock). Cards may have blemishes, creases, or small tears. These cards weren’t good enough to sell full price, but still not bad enough to just throw out.

Cards are 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches and all are blank inside.

Each 10 pack is wrapped in clear plastic and shipped in a rigid mailer.


Curse Word Free, Curses + Pride

Note: At this time, CharmCat only ships to North America.

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