What You Need to Know Before Shopping for Your Wedding Invitations

If you’re a paper lover, you probably can’t wait to get started ordering your invitations. But jumping into the world of wedding stationery can be extremely overwhelming. Here’s what you’ll need to know before you start seriously shopping for wedding invites! Set a wedding stationery budget Before you start looking…

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The Complete Wedding Stationery Timeline and Checklist

Wondering when you should be mailing your wedding invitations or ordering your ceremony programs? Never fear! Here’s my comprehensive wedding stationery timeline, so you’ll never be late with your paper products.   Even better, check the download link at the bottom of this post for a printable copy of the…

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Never Ask Your Wedding Vendor These Questions (Ask These Instead)

Chances are, your wedding is once-in-a-lifetime event. Among other things, that means you probably aren’t an expert at talking to wedding vendors. Dealing with wedding vendors may seem no different from dealing with any other business, but often, your wedding vendor isn’t just a business. They’re an entrepreneur, and quite possibly the only…

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10 Wedding Invitation Mistakes That Cost You Money

Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes they end up costing you. When it comes to wedding invitation mistakes, that cost can impact your budget in a big way. Here are the 10 wedding invitation mistakes I see most often, how much it’ll cost you, and how to avoid them. 10. Being…

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