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The New 2017 CharmCat and Charitable Stationery

Category: From the Cat Perch | Published on: Dec 03, 2016

CharmCat Stationery and Design Charitable Stationery Initiatives for 2017
Can you believe it’s December already?! That means one thing for entrepreneurs: it’s time to work on business plans for the upcoming year! I’ve been working on journals full of new ideas for moving forward.

And there’s one major theme that’s really going to shine.

I’ve always enjoyed helping others. It’s been an important part of my life. I’ve been a part of charity drives, fundraisers, community service, and support organizations. As a Phi Mu woman, I spent time volunteering every single month and headed our philanthropy committee. The first line of the Creed is, “To lend to those less fortunate a helping hand.”

I want to make sure I’m living that edict to the best of my ability.

Until now, I’ve been afraid to make my business too personal. But the thing is — I am my business. It’s my heart and soul, so it’s time to show it.

2017 is going to be a year of change, growth, and most importantly, charitable stationery.

Starting now, this very moment, I’m making the pledge: I will offer a combination of at least 10% of my time, services, and/or profit to charitable organizations. I’ll have three initiatives that will benefit different causes in different ways.

Charitable Stationery Services

This initiative will start simple. Although I’ve always given my services to charities that ask, I am making it easier to make a request. I’ve created a new page that details my Stationery Services for charities. Plus, you can now specifically inquire about charity services from any contact form.

If you’re interested in getting charitable stationery services for your organization, here’s the basics:

  • Donations may take the form of digital print-ready files OR complete, printed files.
  • Services for charity are offered on an as-available basis.
  • CharmCat pledges to accept at least 12 charity requests each year, one for every month.
  • Charities must be able to provide a 501(c)3 letter.

In the coming month, I’ll have a complete post dedicated to the services I offer for charities, the requirements, and how the charity process works.

Charitable Stationery for Everyday

At the beginning of 2017, I’ll be launching a small collection of charitable stationery notecards inspired by different causes I love. A portion of the proceeds (10%, in fact) from these cards will go to the respective charity.

I’ve reached out to a few of my favorite charities about creating products for them. I hope to launch a small line early in the new year.

Encouraging Giving

As wonderful as it feels to be supporting charity, these organizations need more than just me. So my third initiative is spreading awareness of charitable giving.

Many couples choose to infuse philanthropy into their wedding day, by asking for donations instead of gifts, giving donations instead of favors, and donating items after the wedding. These are all wonderful ways to share the love and support a great cause.

Three ways you can contribute to charity through your wedding | Wedding Invitations by CharmCat Stationery & Design

I’ll be offering special deals for couples who need charitable stationery for their wedding, including invitation inserts and reception signage.

If you need some ideas, check out Pinterest!

Being able to give is the best gift

Giving feels great, and not just because you know you helped out someone who needed it. It feels great to be able to help someone. Just knowing that you have enough in your life that you can share it with someone else, that’s an amazing gift.


— Ashleigh

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