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Category: Portfolio | Published on: May 8, 2017

Without a doubt, my favorite combination is watercolor and foil. I love the contrast of the soft watercolor with the boldness of the foil! After seeing these calla lilies wedding invitations with foil, I think you'll agree!

The Concept

For these wedding invites, the goal was simple, classic, and elegant. I also wanted to add a sense of romance and shy away from the cheesier calla lily wedding invitations on the market.

The client Liz and I chatted about styles, and I was off sketching! After a couple of concepts, we landed on a couple of simple calla lily stems.

Their colors were blue and gold, and they wanted to keep the colors soft, so I was immediately drawn to using the gold foil for the lettering. To mix the other colors in, I felt blue and some green accents would help the calla lilies pop when painted.

A sketched design for calla lilies wedding invitations | Wedding Invitations by CharmCat Creative

The Painting

A quick pencil sketch served as my guide as I painted away these lovely calla lilies!

You'll notice that I painted the stems separately. They were laid over each other in Photoshop. This lets me make small adjustments and repeat the flowers without having to paint again!

The Final Product

Check. Out. That. Texture!

The complete printed Calla Lilies wedding invitations! | Wedding Invitations by CharmCat Stationery & Design

I can't get enough of how these turned out! The felt paper just works with the painted design and contrasts with the amazing foil touches. Together they make a wedding invitation design that's full of elegance but completely contemporary.

Calla Lilies Wedding Invitations

I now have a complete suite inspired by this design available in the shop as a semi-custom design! Check out the Calla Lilies wedding invitation suite here.

— Ashleigh

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