Customize Your Order

With CharmCat, you can customize everything!

Here are just a few of the options you can customize:


Choose from over 60 favorite fonts, or request a special font.

Printed Papers

Colors, textures and materials can all be customized. Choose from watercolor, smooth, white, cream, ivory, metallic, cotton, recycled, linen, and more. Or print white on gray, navy, or black.

Accent Papers

Over 100 colors are available for envelopes, pockets, belly bands, layers, and more.

Ink and Print Method

CharmCat offers a variety of print methods and ink colors, including digital printing, foil printing, letterpress, white ink printing, and more.

Sizes and Shapes

Go big, go long, or go round. Custom sizes and shapes are available.


Yep, that’s right, even the semi-custom designs can be customized. Change the design color, layout, move design elements, add or remove elements.


All wording can be customized, even for a different occasion.

Contact Me for other customization options not listed here!

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