How to Fold and Cut Your Escort Cards

Category: Stationery DIY and How Tos | Published on: September 12, 2016

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Ordering your printed day-of stationery in time can be a challenge. You’re dealing with tons of other last-minute details, so getting all the specifics nailed down in time for printing and shipping might be more than you can do. For the crafty couple, printing and making your own escort cards can help by eliminating shipping time, giving you an extra week or more to get all those RSVPs confirmed. If you’re taking the DIY route, you’ll need to know how to fold and cut your escort cards.

Finished DIY escort cards, scored folded and cut

Cutting Out Your Cards

If you’ve already become an expert at cutting out your wedding invitations [link], then you have a head start! If not, check out that post for how to cut out your cards. The process is the same!

Tools You'll Need

The true paper enthusiast’s tool for folding paper is called a bone folder. Although they used to be made of bone, the ones you’ll find in stores are made of plastic. A bone folder isn’t a huge investment, but it’s definitely worth having one.

How to get a clean, even fold with a bone folder

You'll also need a straight-edge ruler, a cutting mat, and a guillotine cutter.

Process for Folding Paper

Folding paper is a two-step process. First you score the paper, which means you run the bone folder across the paper (with a straight edge) to create a crease. Then you fold the paper along the crease.

You’ll notice that the paper folds naturally along the crease to create a perfectly straight fold. No wobbly folds!

After folding the paper, you can run the edge of the bone folder along the crease to help the fold lay flat.

Check out the video below to see exactly how to fold and cut your escort cards:

How to DIY finish you escort cards, by scoring, folding, and cutting

— Ashleigh

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