Holiday Wrapping to Make Your Gifts Stand Out

Category: Gift Ideas | Published on: Nov 01, 2021

The holiday season is officially upon us which means at some point gift wrapping with start taking place! Trying to find the perfect gift wrapping with a gift tag to match can sometimes be as hard as finding the perfect gift. As gifts become more and more personalized, many people find themselves wanting their gift wrap to be reflective of the gift receiver as well. At CharmCat, our gift wrap is on heavier-weight paper so that means easier wrapping without the tearing. If you're super into coordinating, there are matching gift tags for every gift wrap. And our gift tags have 100% hemp twine making them compostable and eco-friendly!

Coordinating Gift Wrap Sets

There's almost nothing better than holiday wrapping that matches! Whether your gift recipient is a lover of candy canes or simply loves a good drink, our coordinating gift wrapping and tags will look perfect under the tree.

Non-Christmasy Gift Tags

At CharmCat we recognize that not everyone celebrates the Christmas holiday. So we make sure to offer a range of gift tags that are inclusive and beautiful for all gift-giving! Find all our gift tags here.

Mini Cards Perfect for Any Occasion

Sometimes you have more to say than what will fit on a gift tag. Our mini cards are perfect for letting your loved ones know just how special they are this holiday season. Find all our mini cards here.

— Ashleigh

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