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Hey there

I’m Ashleigh, and I create wedding invitations (and all sorts of printed paper goods) for people who are passionate and aren’t afraid to show it! Choose from a collection of pre-made designs that you can customize to your hearts’ content, or together we can create a completely custom design with artwork created just for you—you even get to keep the original watercolor painting.

As an independent artist, I offer a level of service and personalization that you can’t find from a big company. I get it—you’ve spent forever trying to find something that inspires you and makes you go, “Yes, that’s it! It’s perfect!” Something thoughtful and authentic, something that hits every point on your wish list, no settling.

So let’s do it! Close out of Pinterest, forget the pro-con list, and let’s make something that sparks your passion.

Let’s find out if we think alike!

Finding a stationer is like finding your future spouse. (You already did one of those things!) There’s lots of stationers out there, and you should search for the right stationer for you. My invitation process is highly personal and personalized. That means you’ll have a better experience if you know how I operate!

My favorite projects, the ones that make me squee with joy, are the ones that start with, ”So I don’t know if you can do this, but…”

I *love* creating unexpected art. Want your cat, in a bow tie, reminding people to RSVP? I can do that. What about a custom envelope liner with a squirrel—a nod to your new last name? I can do that, too! How about a save the date with candy in it! Done it.

I’m probably not for you if…

  • You want a design that’s not in my aesthetic. Take a look through my portfolio to see what I do best. If you want modern, highly stylized, or graphic illustration, then I’m not for you. I might know someone who is, though!
  • You want a DIY template. I know Adobe design programs like my cat’s meow. I don’t even own Word, and I don’t make templates.
  • You just want a quick “trendy” design rather than a personal, meaningful design.
  • You don’t always respond to your emails. This is a two-person process, and sometimes I need you!
  • You are a future in-law. I prefer to work directly with my clients, since it’s all about their personality.

Want to work together?

Awesome! Time to choose your own adventure: Custom Wedding Invitations or the Semi-Custom Collection

About Me

I’m a cat lover, high-fantasy enthusiast, grammar nerd, and sarcastic know-it-all. My favorite book is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I’m an INFJ. My favorite toy is my label maker, and I think a purring cat is the solution to all problems. Read more about me.

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Welcome Policy


Welcome Policy

If there’s one thing I fundamentally believe, it’s that a genuine love should be celebrated. CharmCat will never discriminate against anyone’s race, age, nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

As an equal opportunity wedding vendor, I’m excited to be able to help couples of all varieties celebrate their relationship.

Purpose of the Welcome Policy

I am a white, straight, (mostly) cisgender female. I was raised in a fairly middle-class household in the suburbs with not a lot of diversity. I was lucky enough to go to college and then on to get a graduate degree because of the encouragement of my family, my hard work, and my privilege. This Welcome Policy comes from a place of support, not of familiarity. I won’t always understand the struggles my clients face, but I will always do my best to meet their needs.

Want more info? Contact me to see how CharmCat can help create your ideal wedding stationery.

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