Custom Wedding Invitations

Custom design and CharmCat go together like cats and cat ladies. Come on, let me use my art degree for something amazing!

Whether your dream invitation is a seven-piece suite printed in two-color letterpress with vellum overlay or just an invitation and reply card that's as unique as you both, it's my pleasure to help it become a reality.

What makes my custom design services different from the other guys?

Well, for starters, I never want to be those other guys. When I got married, we had a small ceremony in a state park with only friends and family to help. There was no fancy hall, no expensive floral arrangements, no thousand-dollar dress or even-more-thousands ring. Not because we couldn't afford it (though realistically we couldn't!), but because we chose it. I'm a pragmatist, a feminist, a minimalist, and I'd much rather be a saver than a spender.

For you, that means I'll do everything I can to respect your budget.

My job isn't to get you to spend money, it's to give you something for your money.

Second, you get my winningly sarcastic personality to keep things chill while you panic over all the preparations you have to do. (And trust me, no matter how minimalist the wedding, you'll still panic. It's like a right of passage.) And I'll do everything I can to keep your custom invitations from being something you need to panic about.

Last but not least, I'm a team player. Being your designer means being there for you. I'm flexible when you need me to be, I'm available when I can be, and I'm not afraid to offer suggestions if I think I can do it even better.

My Invitation Design Process

Whether I'm creating for the shop or making your custom design, every piece gets the same level of detail and care through the steps that take it from concept to completion. You'll be a part of the process as we go along on a journey to create your invitations.


Inspiration can come from anywhere—so collect your ideas from places, themes, photos, and objects in a notebook or Pinterest board. We'll go over your inspiration ideas together and figure out the best way to translate it into a watercolor design.

Together, you and I will figure out what's most important to you and narrow down your options to find the perfect combination of paint, paper, and font to create the invitation that meets your needs.

Sketch and Colorize

Once we've finalized our ideas, I'll begin the design work.

First, I'll create several sketches that explore different design options. It's kind of like a brain dump, to visualize all the ideas sparked by my consultations with you

After weighing the options, we'll work with the design that best fits your overall vision. I'll work with you on colors with the sketch so I have an exact plan for when I start painting.


After the sketch is approved, this is where the design really comes to be! Your messy sketch is translated into a professional painting.

Behind the scenes, I break the sketch out into individual pieces to be painted separately. This makes the design more versatile.

I paint with water-based acrylic paints on heavy watercolor paper to get the best detail and the richest colors.

Photo courtesy Allie Dearie Photography

Photo courtesy Allie Dearie Photography

Digitize and Design

Your painting is digitized using a high resolution DSLR camera and stand with neutral lighting to capture the best detail and texture.

This is where the digital magic happens! I pull together all the painted elements, create the layout, and set the typography to create a complete design. Using my training and experience in graphic design I will create the best look for your invites!

We go through several rounds of proofs so you can fine-tune any elements or fix any misspellings.


Once you approve a final proof, it's off to the printer!

I use a few different printers and suppliers to offer the best quality for the best price. Depending on which print method you chose and any embellishments, your order could take anywhere from a week to a month to complete.

After final quality checks, your order is packaged and shipped off to your front door!

Photo courtesy Allie Dearie Photography

See the Real Invitation Design Process in Action!

Contact me to start your own design process

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