All About Wedding Invitations

Not sure what you want your invitations to look like? Check out these ideas for personalizing your invites.

Why You Need a Custom Map for Your Wedding

In researching your wedding invitations, you’ve seen all those gorgeous custom maps on Pinterest and wedding blogs. But do you really need a custom map? I mean, doesn’t everyone have a GPS? Well, probably, but there’s still lots of reasons you might want to include a wedding map in your invitations,…

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Pocket Wedding Invitation Ideas to Up Your Stationery Game

If you’re looking to jazz up your wedding invites, but don’t quite have the budget for anything too fancy (such as letterpress, foil, or laser cut designs), consider the pocket wedding invitation. What’s a pocket wedding invitation? Pockets (or pocketfolds) are folders for organizing your invites. Pockets typically have one…

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Five Great Free Font Combinations for Invitations

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 3, 2014, but it’s been updated with awesome new tips and helpful links! One of the most challenging choices when customizing an invitation? Picking the right fonts. Not only are there thousands out there, but it can be challenging for any…

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Choosing Your Invitation Paper: Textures, Weights, Colors, and More!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 30, 2013, but it’s been updated with awesome new tips and helpful links! You’ve spent weeks searching for the perfect invitation design. (Maybe months. Hopefully not years!) After figuring out the look, the fonts, the colors, and what you want your…

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Proofing Your Wedding Invitations: A Checklist

There are lots of ways to blow your invitation budget; some of them are super-fun (like adding foil or fancy envelopes) and some of them are not-so-fun. Like having to pay to reprint all your invites because you missed something while proofing them. It’s hard not to get excited when…

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What Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

As fun as it is browsing through beautiful stationery designs, it’s hard to get that nagging voice out of your head: what will these wedding invitations really cost? The 6 Factors that Affect the Price of Your Invites Wedding invitation prices can fall all over the board, which is perhaps why…

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