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Category: Portfolio | Published on: October 29, 2019

Pets + Watercolor = Magic! I love when clients want to incorporate something personal and meaningful, and who better to include in their invitation design than furry family members.

The Concept

When Brittni reached out, she had already seen some of my other work with painting pets.

"The personal touches truly spoke to me and the possibility of tying in your pet interests us. There is still lots I'm unsure of, like the type of paper, but I'd love to chat with you. I'm looking for something cost effective yet elegant."

"With our wedding taking place in Charleston SC, I'd love some lowcountry influence, i.e. Live Oaks and Spanish Moss. We are also getting married outside along the Stono River, so water in the background is a possibility."

We decided to put her sphinx cat in a bow tie for a fun fancy look! A few things changed design-wise after this initial sketch, but we settled on the three art elements we wanted and I started painting.

The Painting

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I loved painting this kitty! I hadn't done a hairless cat before but I love how the skin texture came out.

The Final Product

I love the soft but bright color palette, and how the blues and greens repeat across all the artwork.

Want to create something featuring your fur baby?

Learn more about the custom design process and contact me for more information on my Custom Invitations page.

— Ashleigh

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