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Category: Portfolio | Published on: October 29, 2019

This custom suite definitely falls in my top ten of all time! With vibrant colors, dahlias and roses, and a sweet squirrel added in, this design had a great balance of class and whimsy.

The Concept

When Katie reached out to me, she described the design she wanted, she said, "We want someone to open it and want to take a minute to appreciate it! [...] We aren't afraid to try something a little different." She wanted something that fit both their planned formal wedding ceremony and a reception that was "all music and party!"

After we met, I mocked up a classic design that included her flowers (dahlias and roses) and colors (navy, blush, burgundy, gold)—but with a fun twist!

Loosely sketched mockup done using my iPad Pro and Procreate app.

During our consult, they mentioned that the groom's last name had an unexpected translation; their new family would be the House of Squirrels! So we thought it would be a great personal touch to include a couple of small squirrel details.

The Painting

Once the overall look was approved, I started on the painting!

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I used my usual process for this suite, painting the elements separately so that I can make adjustments later on.

A comparison of the loose sketch next to the completed watercolor piece.
A comparison of the loose sketch next to the completed watercolor piece.

The Final Product

Each piece was printed digitally on my signature watercolor felt paper. Look at those vibrant colors and that adorable squirrel!

Photo by Megan Kelsey Photography

Large print of a custom watercolor map showing the locations for a wedding at the Tidewater Inn in Easton, MD.
For this suite, the clients provided me with an image of an old house crest, which we turned into a custom wax seal!

Additional touches like the gold wax seal and gold border around the invitation really added to the formal feel.

Here's what the clients had to say!

"Ashleigh really took what we wanted to the next level! Everything that we thought might be a good idea but could have gone poorly she managed to make beautiful. Our invitations rode the line of classic with just enough whimsy (I mean, we have a squirrel!).

"Your online systems are great, your art is amazing and the end products are stunning! The online portal made it easy to check proofs, review the contracts and know where projects were! I liked that you listened to us but ultimately the creative was something I couldn't have described and you really executed from our pieces of vision! I loved that everything was easily itemized in your quote and that you asked to talk to both of us. You were the only stationery vendor that asked to meet with both of us and that got Nick really excited."

Want to create something special?

Learn more about the custom design process and contact me for more information on my Custom Invitations page.

— Ashleigh

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